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About Pacific Senior Advisors

At Pacific Senior Advisors, our mission is to provide seniors with the best housing options available. We are a local, free service that provides knowledgeable and experienced advisors that are passionate about helping seniors in our community. We strive to build relationships and a sense of trust with our clients, while advocating for their best interests. We treat all of our clients as if they were our own family member. We are a small business, not a lead generating company. When you work with us you will not be flooded with calls from multiple communities. We never share your information without your permission. When you work with us we handle everything and negotiate on your behalf. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you and your love ones. 

Who We Are


Gabe Jasmer, President & CEO

As a Firefighter Engineer and Paramedic, Gabe has over 15 years experience serving and helping Seniors in his community. He has seen time and time again how hard an emergency, fall, or illness can be for an individual and their family members. His empathy and passion for helping those in his community led him to start Pacific Senior Advisors.


Rachel Jasmer, Operations Manager

As a former special education teacher, Rachel has over 10 years of experience helping those with unique, individualized, and special needs. Her love of serving others carries over into the work she does with Pacific Senior Advisors.

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